• International Hotel, Gastronomy Tools and Equipment Fair
  • 7-11 September 2022
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The Horeca industry expands targets at HOGASCO

The Horeca industry, which has evolved into a huge industry of 420 billion euros and where 1.8 million entrepreneurs reach millions of customers every year, gathers together at HOGASCO - International Hotel, Gastronomy Tools and Equipment Fair, the largest exhibition in Eurasia.  
Welcoming the industry’s top-notch manufacturers, the exhibition brings a breath of fresh air to the global Horeca industry, developing rapidly and embracing numerous technological innovations.
Regarded as the foremost event in Eurasia considering its trade volume, HOGASCO greets more than 800 brands from 100 countries. Expecting the presence of around 50 thousand industry professionals, the exhibition presents the latest products and technologies by industry-leading brands. 
HOGASCO is a satisfactory event for visitors as the exhibition covers a wide spectrum of products and equipment, ranging from industrial kitchens to bakery machinery, tabletop sets, hotel guest amenities, heating-cooling systems, display cabinets, beds, curtains, lighting, electronic systems, furniture, landscape, pools, SPA areas. 
One of the key players in the global market with the size of 20 billion dollars, the Turkish Horeca industry exports to 150 countries, which amounts to over 3 billion dollars. Embracing more than 3.800 hotels and over 150 thousand restaurants and cafes, the industry aims to discover new markets and reinforce its dominance in the global arena via HOGASCO.